Contract Enforceability

Whenever you sign a contract, order or other commercial letter with a Taiwanese party and would like to confirm the validity and enforceability under Taiwanese laws, you may ask us.

Remedies for Breach

Whenever your Taiwanese supplier or customer is in breach of contract or otherwise not fulfil its promise, we can assist you take legal action to recover your damages in the jurisdiction of Taiwan.

Government Procurement

Whenever you want to bid a Taiwanese government tender, you may consult us about the tender document, contract and respective procurement laws and regulations in Taiwan.

Regulatory Check

Whenever you desire to expand your business to Taiwan or have any questions about Taiwanese tax laws, competition law, consumer protection law or other regulations for industries, we can help you.

Terrence L. Olsen, Esq.

The Olsen Law Firm founder, Terrence L. Olsen, Esq., created a law firm that built upon and expanded the practice he started at a local law firm in Chattanooga, TN.  Terrence L. Olsen, Esq. has established an immigration law practice encompassing clients from United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, China, Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, South Korea, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Taiwan, and more.


The Olsen Law Firm serves business start-ups, multinational companies, entrepreneurs, family businesses, and individuals for strategic cross-border business & family immigration planning with trade, tax, banking, and other relocation issues comprising the U.S. immigration law experience.  The Olsen Law Firm views its own image as a firm from a local, national, and international level.  

The Olsen Law Firm attempts to communicate through its relationships via its work product, its clients, and the greater community by demonstrating that the world is a much smaller place and so by working and living and treating each other with consistency and respect then all matters social, economic, and cultural can be enjoyable and positive.

Terrence L. Olsen Esq. has served, and continues to serve the international community and his clients’ interests in the United States and internationally.  By actively participating in government discussions of immigration law and policy, Terrence L. Olsen, Esq. is an active participant with the agencies governing immigration law, rather than being an observer on the sidelines.

Terrence L. Olsen, Esq. is an alumnus of William and Mary Law School—Doctor of Jurisprudence,Southern Illinois University—Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga—Bachelors of English in Creative Writing.  

Terrence L. Olsen, Esq. has served as Chair of the Tennessee Bar Association’s Immigration Law Section from 2009-2011, 2013-2014, and 2016 thru Present.  He also serves as Vice-Chair of the International Law Section of the Tennessee Bar Association.

Furthermore, Terrence L. Olsen, Esq. served as Chair of the Chattanooga Branch of the British American Business Group from 2012-2014, and as a board member of the British American Business Group Georgia from 2012-2014.  He also served as Chair of the World Trade Society of Chattanooga from 2004-2008.