Contract Enforceability

Whenever you sign a contract, order or other commercial letter with a Taiwanese party and would like to confirm the validity and enforceability under Taiwanese laws, you may ask us.

Remedies for Breach

Whenever your Taiwanese supplier or customer is in breach of contract or otherwise not fulfil its promise, we can assist you take legal action to recover your damages in the jurisdiction of Taiwan.

Government Procurement

Whenever you want to bid a Taiwanese government tender, you may consult us about the tender document, contract and respective procurement laws and regulations in Taiwan.

Regulatory Check

Whenever you desire to expand your business to Taiwan or have any questions about Taiwanese tax laws, competition law, consumer protection law or other regulations for industries, we can help you.

Peichen Tsai, Esq.

Peichen Tsai graduated from the Finance & Economics Law Division of the Law Department of National Taiwan University in 1997. After graduation, she passed the national exam & interview to become an Investigator for the Control Yuan (Taiwan's Ombudsman Office), investigating corruptions, unlawful action, or misconduct of governmental agencies, or officers under the direction of Members of the Control Yuan (Ombudsman).

In the year of 2000, Peichen transferred to the Overseas Community Affairs Council to serve as a Legal Specialist in charge of drafting, reviewing, and implementing laws and regulations—and also drafting contracts of government procurement as well as participating in the procedure of tender. Due to becoming a licensed attorney during her service for the Control Yuan, Peichen determined to move to the private practice sector only after having honed her knowledge & skills as a government attorney.

Peichen began her private practice career in the end of 2001 at the law firm of Su Chen & Associates in Taipei, practicing a full range of litigation cases, including unlawful business practice, fraud, general liability, medical malpractice, and employment-related disputes. In order to expand her knowledge & skill in the area of international law, Peichen went to Georgetown University Law Center in 2002 to pursue the degree of Master in Laws with a major in international economics law and international trade law. After returning from the U.S., because of her interests in commercial transactions, Peichen chose to become an in-house counsel in an enterprise. During her almost six years at China Motor Corporation, Peichen acquired vast & layered experience in contract negotiations and compliance review, including various projects with Mitsubishi Motors, Daimler Chrysler, and other Chinese joint venture motor companies, or foreign system developers. Peichen also drafted supply contracts for parts manufacturers, and distribution contracts for vehicle distributors, both local and international. 

The English proficiency she gained from the U.S. combined with her in-house experiences dealing with international contract negotiations underlay her solo-practice as an independent corporate counsel. JustLaw, Tsai & Associates was thereby founded at the beginning of 2010. Based upon Peichen’s broad range of experience in government authorities, law firm practice and corporate, Peichen defines difficult issues quickly, reviews & researches efficiently, and provides practical & effective legal advises for many Taiwanese companies engaging in international business, as well as foreign companies require legal assistance from Taiwan.